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Looking for a green and ethical business opportunity where you can make money online?

Take a look at the Wikaniko online eco-shop selling green and ethical products


  • £12.95 Set up fee
  • £3.50 Monthly website fee


  • Replicated website set up and installed
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Free online training
  • Full company support
  • Regular monthly income from online sales

Key Points

  • Wholesale discount on personal purchases (33% on CV)
  • 8 level multi-level marketing structure with compression
  • Customers register online
  • Distributors register online
  • Goods dispatched direct from HQ

How to get started with Wikaniko

Join as a Distributor

First you will need to apply to join as a distributor. Once accepted, you will have access to your own replicated website along with your own unique URL or website address. It will work in both the formats:


This is where you send your customers to online via email or social networks. You may also use this address offline, on printed matter adverts posters etc. Or you may wish to register a domain that points to your replicated website.

Online Training

Once accepted you will need to complete a comprehensive online training programme. This covers the core details of how to succeed with Wikaniko.

How To Generate Income

Essentially there are two ways to generate income with Wikaniko.

  • Offline retail sales
  • Online sales to customers and distributors

Offline Sales

These sales will generate the highest commission levels as distributors enjoy the wholesale to retail 33% mark-up, based on commissionable value (CV) rising to 45% with volume bonuses. However with offline sales, distributors need to collect the order from the customer, order the goods, deliver and take payment before keeping the profit.

Online Sales

The smart distributors develop their online sales. The commission rate starts at 5% (of CV) for retail sales. However, Wikaniko HQ process the order and the payment, then despatch the goods directly to the customer from the warehouse. This eliminates postal costs or any other costs associated with offline retail sales such as credit card charges and postage.

The really smart distributors develop their online customers and encourage distributor sign-ups. Online customers generate income without input, and if online customers are distributors too, they help expand the customer base.


The commission structure is based on ‘Network’ or ‘Multi-level’ marketing or MLM. The compensation plan runs to 8 levels. To qualify for commissions under the compensation plan, a distributor must achieve a minimum of 36 CV (either through their own purchases or through their direct customers website purchases) by the end of that month for commissions to be paid for that month.


Distributors who do not qualify with 36 CV in any month forfeit their commission for that month, however should this happen, the commissions due are payable  a level up.

Make Money Online

  • Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Website Forums, Usenet, Google Groups etc
  • Search Engines and Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Online Advertising Banner Ads Google Adwords etc.

Social Networking

Facebook Twitter and other social network platforms provide a great arena for distributors to promote their Wikaniko business, their products and the business opportunity, to the people they know already. As well as attracting customers online, this can also act as a very good ice-breaker for offline sales. People often read their social network feeds and news pages, but do not necessarily comment. Posting through these channels is never a waste although anyone who floods their social network with comments will soon find themselves being blocked, so don’t overdo it. Anything more than a posting that promotes your business once a day is simply too much.

Website Forums

Website forums that centre around related interests, products and services etc can offer a good channel to promote an online business and help make money online. Many forums will allow posters to insert a signature or ‘sig file’ in any post they make in their forum. The signature file will normally contain the posters name, their website URL and possibly a phone number or email address. Many forums (whether on websites or part of the wider Usenet or Google Groups) specifically do not allow advertising or have strict rules and limits. This is to ensure that the forum does not become a flooded with adverts. Be aware of this as those who break the rules may get banned. Find out what the rules are and work within them. Promoting your business in these type of forums does not need to be by way of blatant adverts either, being subtle and developing online relationships can be a more powerful approach. Above all, be genuine.

Search Engines

Your Wikaniko replicated website will not rank high in search engine results. Reason is, there are hundreds of other distributors with similar replicated websites. If you want to attract your own website traffic via search engines, it would be useful to set up a separate website to do this. One of the easiest ways is to set up a blog, either on one of the free blogging services available or hosted on your own web hosting account.

Online Advertising

Online adverts can provide a lot of extra traffic to your online business. But it can also be expensive to run online campaigns and be a drain on finances. It is better to fully utilise the free methods of building web traffic first, before even considering paying for online banner adverts or pay-per-click advertising.

Other References


Andrew Crawford
Independent Distributor for Wikaniko Ltd


support AT DOT uk

01354 661511 / 07870 274520

PO Box 66
PE15 8XP